Massage For Couples Class

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07/09/2017 4:00 pm - 07/09/2017 8:00 pm
Serenity Spa

How many times has your significant other asked you to rub his or her back and within just a few minutes your hands were hurting, your back was twisted and you felt like you had no clue what you were doing ?? The art of touch is an ancient healing modality used by Shamans, Medical professionals, Parents and Caregivers to soothe aching muscles, reduce pain, relax another person and show someone you care.

Many couples try to share massage, but women complain that men are too rough and men complain that women aren’t strong enough. Both men and women complain that their hands get tired too quickly. Using the right techniques, couples can enjoy both giving and receiving a relaxing, rejuvenating massage.

Massage Therapist, Denise Willinger has been using the power of touch in her practice for over 30 years. In this 4 hour class, you will learn basic, easy to follow massage techniques and the proper way to use pressure without soreness in your hands or back.

The class is designed for couples but other pairs of friends are always welcome!

Class Fee: $300 per couple


Class size is limited to 4 couples


Sunday July 9 4-8 pm

Sunday, August  6 4-8 pm

Sunday September 10 4-8 pm

Saturday October 8 4-8 pm